Rule # 32: Enjoy the Little Things.




One of the more ridiculous things to have happened to me recently..


This, though

I use this photo and this event to try and explain the greatness of their relationship, but no one ever gets it…

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tipsy sister = off-key, loud singing of “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

such an angelic voice

get in muh bellayyy

today at work my coworkers and i started a petition to get roller chairs behind the counters to we can ring up customers and just sashay over so the bagel station.

boss said if we get 10,000 local signatures he’d consider it. 

boss also offered me a new position that comes with a raise. 

boss also let me off early.

boss is a total boss.

I went into the walk-in fridge at work and my boss was in there and so I asked him if we had any prepped chicken and he was was just like “fuck yeah we do” and spins around and grabs a container for me.

like a boss.



shout out to the cute boy that came into my work and bonded with me over a conversation on baguettes and how wonderful they are. you’re wonderful too.

shout out to the same cute boy for returning, remembering me, bonding over your reviews of our baguettes while your parents stood off to the side like wtf how do you guys know each other and why are you so obsessed with bread?

shout out once again to the same cute boy for asking for my phone number today. <3


update on my life because this is my tumblr and you follow me to read about my life, yeah?

i found a workaway in Maine that sounds ballin’ and there’s a Panera 30 minutes from there. I could transfer and live and work in Maine.

This would be my host family. Please observe closely because they are sitting in a PBR canoe.

Stay tuned for more in the life of SMR.