Rule # 32: Enjoy the Little Things.

pros of my job:

-i wear a hat so i dont ever have to groom myself.

-i smell like bread

-knowing what menu items are coming soon before anyone else (ooh lala)


-i talk about my job too much (word vomit) (controls my life) (gotta go shower to get this bread scent off)


Story of my life.

If anyone in Athens has housing advice, a super cheap house/apartment for rent in the fall, or needs roommates for the fall, please message me.

I know of a 3 bed for $675 but is rather sketch. If you’re interested, let me know.

My working at a bread company makes my desire to go gluten free nearly impossible.


Today on campus a girl asked if I wanted a free hearing check, and I didn’t understand her at first so I said, “huh?” It was an uncomfortable situation for everyone involved.

Could srsly go for some pie right now.

Last night, I went into work on my day off and cleaned all of our dishes by hand because our dishwasher was broken.